Woman Suffrage (or the map of shame)

And this article is about maps, and since its scope is worldwide, it will be written in English.

In this post I will show information about the moment in which the different countries of the world decided to finally adopt a real universal suffrage, including the 50% of society that had the voting right denied for so long. Not all countries granted woman suffrage at the same moment, and this map will allow us to color code this process. In this case, all the data was obtained from Wikipedia.

As you see in this world map, the differences are considerable. The first country to grant this right were the Pitcairn Islands, and apparently it spread from there until New Zealand and Australia.

The exact date of the granting of the suffrage is not always clear. For example, South Africa granted this right as early as in 1930, but only for white women. In other countries the right was first granted for local elections. In these cases, the date chosen was the one in which women were allowed to vote in all the elections. For the case of South Africa, the date of 1930 was picked because the reason why only white women could vote was not a gender issue, but a racial issue.

Other countries, like Angola or Israel, granted this right in the moment the state was incepted. For this reason, the date is so late. Other countries, such as Saudi Arabia have the date as 2015 because it is expected that maybe but that date the last country in the world that denies voting right to women will finally grant this right.

An area of the world where countries are very small, and they were all (or almost all) existing by the beginning of the XXth century is Europe. For this reason, I include a close up of the map for Europe.

And this is it. I hope you like it.

And think that, in all cases, the moment in which this right was granted was the result of a situation that is most of the times interesting to study. A little bit of history research surfing wikipedia will help to figure out questions like Why did Russia granted this right before, let’s say, Germany? How come Spain granted this right before France? What took the Swiss so long?



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